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Bringing Hope to Okere, One Smile At a Time

Updated: Mar 7

Starting in 2024, we started holding dental outreach services that shall target 1,000 local residents in Okere each year. This is made possible through a partnership with Hope Smiles, a U.S based charity that also has operational presence in Uganda. Through this project, a team of 10 dentists visits Okere and sets up a dental clinic for five consecutive days, twice a year. This project is important because access to emergent dental care is non-existent in the whole of Otuke district. During the outreach, the Hope Smiles team of professional dental experts provide services such as tooth extractions, treatment of dental disease, pain management, and oral health education.

At the clinic, the Hope Smile's team provide a healthy mix of efficient and quality services that help to ensure optimal oral health for the people we serve. Some of the services administered include cleanings, extractions, fillings, root canals, and dentures.

"I had long lost hope to always wear a beautiful smile because my teeth had been worn out by an infection. To see my teeth restored is like a second lease to live a life full of smiles", said one of our local communities.

We are grateful to this partnership with Hope Smiles to rebuild our local community, one smile at a time.

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