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Simsim/Sesame Value Chain Development

Simsim is one of the agricultural enterprises that thrives in Okere. As part of our agri-business development initiative we promote the development of the simsim value chain in the village by supporting farmers to have access to high quality seeds and a market for their simsim produce.


Farm-Inputs Credit Scheme

Because Okere farmers struggle to acquire farm inputs on cash, our village bank provides farm inputs to the farmers on zero-interest credit. Our hope is that this sparks an agricultural revolution in the village one farmer at a time.


Maize Value Chain Development

In 2021, we partnered with Women Feed Africa, an Israeli company, and Agro Supply Limited to distribute 1,000 KGs of Sungara improved maize seed variety to 200 farmers in Okere on credit.


Okere Irrigation Project

One of our audatious dreams is to establish a community irrigation scheme in Okere. This project will enable up to 100 farmers in the village to have yearlong productive agricultural activities. Watch this video to know more about this project

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