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"Wealth rooted in culture and tradition is 'the best form of wealth"
A Luo Saying

Through our #ExploreOkere initiative, we hope to build Okere City as a top community tourism destination in Uganda. In collaboration with tour operators in Uganda, we organize group visits to Okere on a periodic basis. We are excited to welcome you to Okere to experience the wealth of Lango culture and the impact of our radical community work and rural futuristic imagination.

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Okere village prides on over 50 traditional music groups that specialize in the local Okeme world music genre. We are on an ambitious journey of professionally recording all their tunes 

Listen to them on SoundCloud


Okeme Festival

Okeme is a traditional dance among the Lango people of Northern Uganda. Due to the significance of this dance to the people of Okere, we often times organize Okeme Festival to provide a platform for artistic expression and cultural performance. 


Okere Folklore Forum | Te-Otem

Like any other community, Okere has traditional beliefs, customs, and stories that have for generations been passed through word of mouth. To ensure that such folklores do not disappear into oblivion. we have started the Okere Folklore Project to document such stories and provide authentic community platforms to share them.


#OkemeMix Videos

Click this YouTube Playlist and watch a selection of videos recorded from the 2020 Okeme Festival in Okere

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