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Drawing a parallel between Okere, a small community that found itself in the wrath of war and civil strife for over three decades and now trying to rebuild itself, and Yei which is currently in the storm of such challenges, we partnered with KAS and YAMORA to exchange lessons, networks, and strategies for advocacy, organizing and lobbying with local leaders in Yei, South Sudan. Read the report from the exchange visit here.

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Watch Ojok  Okello, founder of Okere City as he explains what peacebuilding is and why Okere City is an example of a local peacebuilding effort. 

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This video documents insights from the Yei-Okere Peacebuilding camp held in Okere in Dec 2022. The exchange visit was organized by Yamora, a local CBO in Yei, South Sudan and supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. 

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