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Our partners


Stanbic Bank, a member of the Standard Group and Uganda's biggest bank has taken a leap of faith to invest towards improving maternal health outcomes in Okere. The bank has supported the establishment of a maternity and health lab units at Okere Community Health Centre.  

In 2022, we joined the portfolio of Segal's partners in Uganda. Segal is investing to improve educational outcomes at our community school. Additionally, their support also enables us to strengthen the operations of Okere Shea Co-op.  According to SFF, "Okere’s model is especially exciting because it is tied to a core belief in using local and indigenous knowledge and resources as part of development efforts to transform society".  

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Future Generations Trust support is core to our administrative functions and investment in major projects. In 2021, the Trust invested in the construction of Umutesi House, a dormitory for our girls at the community school. The Trust also provides continuous support towards our staff and institutional development.  

Together with the Uganda and South Sudan Office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stitfung (KAS), we are equipping the grassroots community and political leaders in Okere with leadership skill through "Okere Leadership Lab" project. Similarly, KAS also supports Okere Summit for Sustainable Development, an annual gathering that re-imagines rural futures.

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Zishaye Fund's $3,000 grant was the first ever external resource that we received in 2020.  The fund enabled us to lay a formidable foundation to raise awareness and sensitize the community against the destruction of Shea trees. The fund also enabled us to conduct research to understand the significance of Shea trees for ecological and economic development in Okere. 

The physical needs of building a city can be hectic and difficult, especially if you are working within resource constraints. But Obanga Ngeo Hardware (OBH), a construction materials shop in Lira City supplies all our needs. We value this partnership because Obangeo Ngeo trusts us enough to supply all the construction materials we need on credit. 

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