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"Yamo Akwo Koddo" translates to "A Living Wind Blows".


Creating economically thriving and self-reliant rural households in Okere Parish.


To work with rural households in Okere Parish as partners to access and create economic and social opportunities that will stimulate catalytic, holistic, and sustainable rural development.


That in years to come, our rural transformative journey will be a lesson to the whole world because we took a leap of faith, risked, and invested in our people because from the beginning, we knew it was the only path towards prosperity. And that when we look back at that time with our wrinkled faces or gentle souls, we shall rejoice and be glad well knowing that we did all that was within our means to empower our people to exploit as many opportunities as possible, and realize their fullest potential on the road to economic and social freedom. 



1. To stimulate holistic and sustainable economic and social development in Okere through partnering with individuals and different rural community groups, leaders, platforms, etc. 
2. To invest in, consult with, and build the capacity of our partner communities to become economically secure and self-sufficient.
3. To create a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge on sustainable and replicable models of rural development in Africa.

Okere City is guided by a set of core values and principles that influences its organizational culture and contributes to the achievement of the overall strategic plan.

Partnership: Okere City promotes collaboration and networking with community members, district authorities and other like-minded development partners. Okere City refuses to use the language “beneficiaries” to describe the people engaged in its projects because the success of our projects necessarily hinges on collaboration with rural communities we partner with.

Efficiency: Okere City strives to achieve maximum impact using minimal resources, by utilizing and building on existing assets.

Respect: Okere City treats all her partners with dignity and honor by giving them time, space and any kind of platform to fully express themselves. This respect entails humility, patience, and collaboration.

Timeliness: Okere City strives to conduct all project and research activities in a timely and accountable fashion.

Accountability: Okere City strives to ensure openness, honesty, and transparency to all partners, stakeholders and the development community at large.

Innovative: Our holistic approach to community development brings together the resources required for innovative solutions to address endemic poverty. Our innovativeness is driven by research and understanding the complex realities that rural communities we work with go through.

Non Discrimination: Okere City does not discriminate against anyone based on age, sex, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, or physical ability.

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