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"Yamo Akwo Kodo" (Luo)

A Living Wind Blows (English)


"Build Africa's first sustainable and thriving futuristic rural city by 2030".


A social enterprise that invests in livelihoods, environment, culture+arts, education, and innovation to build a sustainable rural future in Okere"


We are motivated by the vision to reinvent and showcase an experimental approach to futuristic rural development. Setting forth on this venture, we embraced audacious risks, entrusting our local community to toil diligently, collaborate, and aspire for an improved future for generations to come. Right from the beginning, we acknowledged that directing sustainable investments is the key to establishing a robust groundwork for ongoing advancement in our community. As time stretches far ahead and we become memories, our hearts and minds will brim with deep satisfaction, knowing that we undertook the necessary actions to unlock opportunities for both the present and the future. 



  1. To empower Okere through dynamic partnerships with diverse rural community stakeholders, leaders, and groups, fostering holistic and enduring social and economic progress.

  2. To catalyze economic security and self-sufficiency by channeling investments, knowledge, and capacity-building into our partner communities, equipping them to shape their prosperous futures.

  3. To forge a vibrant knowledge-sharing platform dedicated to propagating sustainable and scalable rural development of rural development in Africa.


Okere City adheres to a set of fundamental values and principles that shape its organizational ethos and contribute to the realization of its overarching strategic objectives.

Partnership: Okere City fosters collaboration and networking among community members, district authorities, and like-minded development partners. Rejecting the term "beneficiaries" to describe project participants, we recognize that the success of our initiatives relies on close collaboration with the rural communities we engage with.

Efficiency: Okere City strives to maximize impact while minimizing resource use, leveraging and enhancing existing assets whenever possible.

Respect: Okere City treats all partners with dignity and respect, providing them with the necessary time, space, and platforms to express themselves fully. This respect is characterized by humility, patience, and a spirit of collaboration.

Timeless: Rooted in rural futurism, our work seeks to create a deliberate investment for shaping and celebrating the future.

Accountability: Okere City upholds openness, honesty, and transparency with all partners, stakeholders, and the broader development community.

Innovation: Our comprehensive approach to community development integrates resources to foster innovative solutions for addressing endemic poverty. Our innovative strategies are informed by research and a deep understanding of the complex realities faced by the rural communities we serve.

Non-Discrimination: Okere City does not discriminate based on age, sex, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, or physical ability.

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