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A Project Develops a Local Community with Shea Butter

This article by the German Magazine D+C delves into how we are using shea butter to facilitate economic and ecological development in Okere. 


The Significance of Shea Butter to Rural Women in Okere

A comprehensive examination of the Shea butter value chain in Okere remains incomplete without a thorough exploration of the vital role played by women as the primary actors


Residents Plant Shea Trees to Prevent it from Extinction - Uganda Radio Network

In 2021, we planted 10 acres of shea trees as part of our initiative to restore shea parklands in Okere. 


We Must Act to Protect Our Shea Trees

We are working hand in hand with the law enforcement authority to protect shea trees from being destroyed. 

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Okere Shea Butter Hair Benefits

Particularly for the hair, Shea butter, especially when raw and cold-pressed contributes towards hair health by strengthening hair fibers, lubricating cuticles, and reducing frizz. More detailed functions are elaborated in this article;


Shea Butter in Okere: Research Report

This research report provides an important lens to understand the various aspects of Shea in Okere, such as, the perception of the people towards it, challenges and opportunities in its conservation and value chain development, major actors involved in the value chain, forestry and gender dimensions.  Download the report here


This short news feature story by SEE TV takes a look at how Okere City makes deliberate investments to preserve shea trees whilst adding value to shea nuts at the same time. 

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This podcast by Last Drop Africa is an intimate exploration of the significance of shea trees and shea butter for the cultural and economic transformation of Okere. 

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We Commit Never to Cut Down Shea Trees - Okere People

Shea trees in Okere were very significantly destroyed over the past decade. Now our local community members have vowed never to cut down the shea trees.  


Why We are Growing More Shea Trees

Naturally, Okere is rich. It is one of the few parts of Uganda where Shea nut butter trees grow with ease. The locals had never known the treasure they beheld. The need for quick cash saw them cut down the trees for charcoal.  But we are on a mission to reverse that negative history and trajectory. 


Through Okere Shea Cooperative Society in Otuke district, locals there have been educated that oil from the shea nut is highly sought after to make skin and hair products. 


Donate to help conserve Shea trees

Illegal Shea tree cutting and other threats to Shea trees in Otuke such as illegal bush fires and expansion of agricultural land have resulted to more than half of the Shea trees that once covered and breathed life into the region have been depleted. If Shea's re-afforestation efforts are not introduced and expanded, extinction abounds. That's why we are on a mission to regenerate 1M shea seedlings. And we need your support!


This case study analysis by Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) presents how shea butter is being utilized to drive socio-economic transformation in Okere. 

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Starting a Co-op Journey to Build a Shea Movement in Okere

We held an inaugural meeting to start-up Okere Shea Cooperative Society on Friday 11th Sept 2020 at Okere Community Centre and 120 community members were in attendance. The objective of the meeting was to introduce members to the concept of a cooperative society and enable them to appreciate it. Read more in this blog post!

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These photos tell the story of how we engage our local community members in Okere to plant shea trees, collect, shell, dry, and store the shea nuts, as well as the processes of how we collaborate to produce and launch Okere Shea Butter to both the local market in market Uganda and internationally. 

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