Okere ‘City’ is a community development project founded to undertake, influence and direct holistic rural development initiatives geared towards the elimination of poverty in Okere Parish, Adwari Sub-county, Otuke District.


The Okere City idea is premised on the belief that using comprehensive and holistic participatory rural development approaches to design and implement community development projects can create catalytic rural transformation and sustainable agrarian reforms.


We promote environmental conservation and protection through community re-afforestation initiatives.

We hold community engagements and provide platforms where community members can engage with their local leaders

We started the community school programme with an early childhood development centre because laying a firm foundation is a key pre-requisite for a solid education background

We started a VSLA group, comprising mostly of women to fight financial exclusion and strengthen the local economy in Okere

We are repairing boreholes, reparing and servicing news, forming and strengthening water management committes to ensure water security in Okere.

We provide sporting facilities and encourage our communities members to actively participate in various sporting activities.

What our community members say

We are looking out for child/children sponsors to enable us continue giving opportunities to brilliant children the opportunity to get quality education at our community school.

Your donation will be matched to a pupil and we shall make every effort to share with you more details about the child and his/her family.

Our hope is that this support will go on to build more interactions, sharing and caring now and beyond. We shall also provide more updates about the life and academic performance of the child receiving your support


The investments Okere city Project is making right now will make the village more prosperous and better prepared to  tackle future challenges......Okere City Project project is on a journey to create something different. Something of its kind in the entire Northern Uganda”


Hon. Silvia Akello, Otuke Woman Member of Parliament

LATEST blogs


This new report analyses the prospects of Village Bank as a rural development tool in Okere and beyond. 


The end of May 2020 came with delight for our community members as we opened doors to a health centre that will provide basic health services.


READ our 2019 annual report

Our journey started in 2019!
We didn't want you to miss any inch of how we rolled, so we pieced together most puzzles in this Annual Report.


Courtesy visit by maureen agena

Our friend Maureen sacrificed her busy schedules to visit on us on Saturday 01/02/2020. A passionate development communicator and researcher, Maureen visit was an motivating and it also presented us with a learning curve. Our heartfelt gratitude for sparing a moment to spend a quality and worthwhile time with us!


thank you!

Juliane bing

"I am happy to sponsor Deborah Amolo at Okere Community School because I believe it will give her the opportunity to get the education she deserves”  




I’m so thankful to the people behind this initiative for giving us an opportunity to make a positive change in our country, one child at a time”.


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Okere Community Development Project (Okere City) is an ambitious community based social enterprise on a journey to tranform Okere village in Northern Uganda into thriving and sustainable city through integrated rural development approaches. 

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