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We are excited about our newest project - Okere Boxing Club. Let me tell you a little story behind this boxing and kick boxing club. Over a decade ago when we found ourselves in the IDP camps in Lira town, hundredths of youth and children without much to do resorted to boxing classes which were then offered by Lira Boxing Club. We wanted to be strong. To defend ourselves and perhaps fight the LRA rebels.

Alas, our skills were misdirected. We returned home years later and and could only use our special skill-sets to continue disturbing the peace of our community. We became petty criminals, stealing whatever we could to survive. But the youth of Okere are reimagining a new path. Some even ambitious enough to dream of becoming world boxing champions. We will put in all that is humanly possible to make some of these dreams come true. Everyday 51 young men who are registered members come to the training site to perfect their art and skills.

"This is a golden opportunity for us" said Mr. Okeng who is martial artist. "I will train and perfect my art to be able to face other champions like Golola - and beat them" he heartily reiterated.

To be able to bring the best in our youth, you could support us with training kits, gyming equipment and other sporting wear - could be an old snicker, sweat shirt, etc. And if you are a boxer yourself, you could visit us in Okere and train our boys for a few days. Thank you.

Akaca - aka- Master as he is fondly called taking the youth through some boxing drills.

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