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OKERE Shea Butter Massage Therapy

Magical Shea Butter: Did you know that Shea butter is one of, if not the best massage body butter? Shea butter is enriched with essential vitamins A and E and high-quality oil that soothes dry skin and leaves a silky feel. Okere Shea Butter is non-greasy and provides a glide long enough for Swedish and deep tissue massages making it a magical wonder in the treatment room.

Shea butter is so magical that even Cleopatra used traversed thousands of kilometers into the scorching deserts of Egypt with camels to collect jars of Shea butter from eastern Africa to smoothen her skin and retain her magnificent beauty. Centuries later, people around the world are still turning to Shea butter as one of the best cosmetics ingredients in the world valued at over $3bn in 2022.

But shea butter’s benefits don’t end there, as savvy spa pros know. The rich emollient, derived from the nuts of the nilotica shea trees that grow wild in Northern Uganda is a powerful tool when harnessed in skin care. It traps moisture, promotes elasticity, and helps fade age spots—and as a result, it crops up in treatments on spa menus, from body waxes to massages and facial treatments.

Why it’s a skincare all-star: Nilotica Shea butter from Eastern Africa is particularly rich in Vit A&E and has a high concentration of oleic acid ranging between 25-60%. This makes nilotica highly supreme for cosmetics use compared to the more popular paradoxica version from West Africa. The butter’s high-fat content gives it a slick, silky feel, making it “a dream product for estheticians and massage therapists to work with.

It is particularly important to emphasize that Shea butter works well on all skin types, even sensitive ones. In addition, it boasts cinnamates and other compounds that may help inhibit enzymes that contribute to the inflammatory response; when used for facials, that natural anti-inflammatory element can help decrease acne flare-ups.

Again, Shea butter moisturizes, softens, soothes, bolsters elasticity, and helps with collagen production.

In the treatment room: At Okere Shea Butter Spa, warm organic shea butter is used to massage the client’s body by Sharon, our professional massage therapist. Okere Shea Butter massage therapy isn’t just a treatment, it’s an experience.

Quick Facts:

  • The best shea butter for skin care, according to the American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI), is prepared using cold press methods without added chemicals or preservatives. This is exactly the Shea butter that we produce in Okere, collected by the women in the village who are part of Okere Shea Butter Cooperative Society.

  • The ASBI classifies Shea products as A, B, C, or F. Class A is premium shea butter, while Class F is poor-quality Shea moisturizer. Okere Shea butter is Class A Premium Shea butter.

  • Shea trees can live for 500 years, but they produce nuts only once annually

  • Shea butter is edible and has long been used for cooking in parts of Africa. It is one of the healthiest oils highly recommended by physicians for diabetic and hypertension patients.

Watch our massage therapist Sharon as she explains more about the significance of massage as a therapy we all need!

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