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Joshua's Future Lit by Rainbow Fostering

In October 2023, Jackeline and her husband Uchenna, employed at Rainbow Fostering in the UK, paid a visit to Okere to witness our initiatives. Their presence brought a firsthand look at our work and a generous contribution —scholastic materials and T-shirts for the children of Okere Community School. Their heartfelt gesture fills us with joy and reinforces our commitment to continue our endeavors with love and passion. During their visit, Jackeline and Uchenna expressed a desire to support an underprivileged child in Okere in completing primary education.

Photos of Uchenna and Jackline when they visited Okere in Oct 2023.

Just a week later, Obua Joshua, one of our pupils, faced a tragic loss as his father, who had been paralyzed for years due to a stroke, passed away. Joshua's early life is a remarkable tale of survival. His father became paralyzed shortly after Joshua's birth in Kampala. Abandoned by his mother, Joshua was left in the streets, only to be rescued by his crippled aunt, a street beggar in Kampala. She tirelessly cared for Joshua and his father, eventually relocating them to the village as his father's health deteriorated.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Joshua's aunt worked hard to ensure her nephew's education, relying on the support of "an NGO in Kampala". The NGO, unbeknownst to the school, was Joshua's aunt herself, collecting pennies from the streets to pay for his school fees.

Joshua, now in Primary Four (P.4), remains a happy, humble, and diligent student. His love for football is matched by his academic talent, making him one of the brightest in his class.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Rainbow Fostering, known for its 25 years of fostering children in the UK, graciously extended financial assistance of £850. This support ensures that Joshua can complete his primary education at Okere Community School, painting a brighter future for this resilient and deserving child of our community.

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