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Together with the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, Segal Family Foundation and Stanbic Bank, we hosted the second edition of the Okere Summit for Sustainable which took place between Jan 23 - 27 at Okere City, Otuke District, Northern Uganda. The 2023 Summit brought together policy makers, academics and development practitioners to share challenges as well as opportunities towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Uganda. Additionally, a select group of 25 young researchers and development workers also participated in a week-long seminar series on different topics about the SDGs. 


Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0862_edited.jpg

Banjwa Adventino

Scholar & Researcher,

Makerere University

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0974_edited.jpg

Anna Reismann

Country Rep, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842-1261_edited.jpg

Aaron Kirunda

CEO, Enjuba

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842_edited.jpg

Solomon Serwanjja

African Institute for Investigative Journalism

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842-1246_edited.jpg

Juliet Grace Luwedde

Community Engagement Lead, Pollicy

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842-1213_edited.jpg

Ojok Okello

CEO, Okere City

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842-1208_edited.jpg

Diana Ondoga

Corporate Investment Lead, Stanbic Bank

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842-1225_edited.jpg

Opio Omara

Councilor, Otuke District Local Government

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 26-2206_edited.jpg

Alexander Omara

Human Rights Officer, 

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 23-0842-1108_edited.jpg

Timothy Masembe

UN Federal Credit Union Global Sustainability Member & Board Advisor, Okere City

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 26-2108_edited.jpg

Wire James

ICT and Business Development Consultant

Okere SDG S  - 01 - 26-2147_edited.jpg

Sam Stewart Mutabazi

Urban Development Consultant

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