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Okere Solar Smart Village

In our baseline survey conducted in 2020 to evaluate the socio-economic conditions in Okere, it was evident that energy poverty stands out as a significant development challenge. A staggering 98% of the surveyed population fell under the category of energy poverty, signifying a lack of access to both grid and off-grid electricity connections. These households relied on kerosene lamps for lighting, used firewood for cooking, and depended on rain-fed agriculture for subsistence farming, among other challenges. Consequently, 85% of Okere households find themselves below the poverty line. Addressing energy poverty emerges as an urgent and essential development intervention to foster progress and prosperity in the village. This situation is not unique to Okere, as rural areas across Uganda share similar challenges, with only a 19% electrification rate as per the Power Africa fact sheet from 2020. To address this challenge, we have initiated Okere Solar Smart Village project as illustrated below;

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