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Okere Shea Butter Price List

Okere Shea Butter comes in four different grammages priced accordingly; 

1. 800g  - 40,000 UGX

2. 400g - 30,000 UGX

3. 250g - 20,000 UGX

4. 125g -   10,000 UGX

Contact us now on: +256 774 547023 or to place your order.


Okere Shea Butter

100% Pure and Organic 

Unrefined shea butter is the most useful form of shea butter, as it contains all its therapeutic as well as moisturizing properties unharmed, pure and undiluted.


Order Okere Shea Butter Now

We make deliveries for Okere Shea Butter in Kampala City. We also have distribution outlets in all the new 10 cities of Uganda. 

Call us via 0774 547023 to get more details

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Price List


Okere Shea Spa!

Through Okere Shea Cooperative Society in Otuke district, locals there have been educated that oil from the shea nut is highly sought after to make skin and hair products.

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Shea Butter in Okere: Research Report

This research report provides an important lens to understand the various aspects of Shea in Okere, such as, the perception of the people towards it, challenges and opportunities in its conservation and value chain development, major actors involved in the value chain, forestry and gender dimensions.  Download the report here


Starting a Co-op Journey to Build a Shea Movement in Okere

We held an inaugural meeting to start-up Okere Shea Cooperative Society on Friday 11th Sept 2020 at Okere Community Centre and 120 community members were in attendance. The objective of the meeting was to introduce members to the concept of a cooperative society and enable them to appreciate it. Read more in this blog post!

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Donate to help conserve Shea trees

Illegal Shea tree cutting and other threats to Shea trees in Otuke such as illegal bush fires and expansion of agricultural land have resulted to more than half of the Shea trees that once covered and breathed life into the region have been depleted. If Shea's re-afforestation efforts are not introduced and expanded, extinction abounds. That's why we are on a mission to regenerate 1M shea seedlings. And we need your support!


Business Plan: Okere Shea Cooperative Society

We have an ambitous plan to position Okere Shea Cooperative Society as one of the leading Shea producers in the world. Here is our business plan for the Shea Butter business. 

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Okere Shea Butter Hair Benefits

Particularly for the hair, Shea butter, especially when raw and cold-pressed contributes towards hair health by strengthening hair fibers, lubricating cuticles, and reducing frizz. More detailed functions are elaborated in this article;

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