About Us

Okere Community Development Project (Okere City) is a community development and social enterprise providing a collaborative and holistic ecosystem to promote integrated rural development in Okere parish, Adwari sub-county, Otuke District, Northern Uganda. Okere City project seeks to be an enabler for the rural community in the parish to be more imaginative, cooperative, creative, innovative, and enterprising as pre-requisites to make them more successful and be champions of rural poverty reduction.

Okere City project is registered as a community based organization (CBO) by Otuke District Local Government. Okere City’s initiatives are driven by actual community needs and the implementation of project activities are led by community members. 


Overall, Okere City strives to be a community organization and social enterprise that creates multiple opportunities for agrarian reforms and rural transformation in Okere Parish by encouraging open and forward thinking, mobilizing, organizing and training the rural populace through a series of innovative projects, activities and techniques so that they can be able to generate practical solutions for their day to day challenges they face.


Our Vision and Mission

Motto: Yamo Akwo Koddo – (A living Wind Blows)

Vision: “Creating economically thriving and self-reliant rural Households in Okere Parish”

Mission: “To work with rural households in Okere Parish as partners to access and create economic and social opportunities that will stimulate catalytic, holistic and sustainable rural development”

Our Inspiration

That in years to come, our rural trans-formative journey will be a lesson to the whole world because we took a leap of faith, risked and invested in our people because from the beginning, we knew it was the only way out of the poverty trap that enmeshed us; And that when we look back at that time with our wrinkled faces, we shall rejoice and be glad well knowing that we did all that was within our means to empower our people to exploit many opportunities and realize their fullest potential on the road to economic and social freedom’’.

Our 2019-2022 Strategic Goal and Objectives

For the first three years, our overall goal is to create and strengthen a solid partnership with community members of Okere parish by being open, transparent and involving them in the conceptualization, design and implementation of practical solutions to the day today development challenges that they face. All our projects shall seek to enhance the rural population’s abilities by promoting knowledge development and vocational skills acquisition, creating access to the existing farm and off-farm economic development opportunities, conservation the natural ecosystems and ensuring and providing quality Medicare to the rural population in Okere. Our will be hinged on five strategic objectives, namely;


1. Local Economic Development (LED).

  • Running rural farm and off-farm enterprise projects to create employment opportunities and business forward and backward linkages.

  • Improving access to market information through both digital and physical market information systems.

  • Providing opportunities for market linkages to better buyers of agricultural products.

  • Creating platforms for adding value to agricultural products e.g. establishing bulking centers and/or small ware houses, grain silos; setting up processing facilities among others. 

  • Increasing access to financial services through the formation and ensuring the effective and efficient functionalization of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs).

  • Creating and promoting Smart-tech agricultural opportunities.

  • Establishment of social businesses that provide basic products and services to the rural population. 

2. Capacity Building through Educational and Skills Training.

  • Running Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) programmes

  • Establishing an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre.

  • Running vocational programmes in elementary skills training.

  • Establishing primary, secondary and tertiary educational programmes. 


3. Environmental Management and Protection

  • Promoting afforestation by establishing the Okere Tree Multiplication Centre and supporting the establishment of household woodlots and community forest parklands.

  • Carrying out massive sensitization and awareness and engaging in environmental advocacy.

4. Sports and Social Co-Creation

  • Sports Development - establishment of various community sports training grounds for different sporting activities. This will include tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, football pitch, among others.

  • Offering training and coaching lessons to the talented people in such fields.

  • Organizing social events and sports tournaments and creative artistic competitions.

5. Public Health Service Delivery

  • Promoting better access to various medical facilities and health service.

  • Running sensitization campaigns to improve nutrition and better sanitation practices.

  • Implementing Water and Sanitation (WASH) programmes.

Okere Community Development Project (Okere City) is an ambitious community based social enterprise on a journey to tranform Okere village in Northern Uganda into thriving and sustainable city through integrated rural development approaches. 

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